If you're a Presbyterian Church with a building or renovation project on the horizon, consider the advantages of obtaining your loan from Church Development Corporation.

  • Market-competitive interest rates:CDC's interest rates are always competitive with-and often better than-local lenders.
  • Fast, simple application process. A two-page form that asks about your congregation, your community, and your church's financial status is all it takes to get the loan process underway.
  • Maximum service throughout the process. Our staff is standing by to help your Church's leaders throughout your project, from your early planning meetings, all the way through to the day of the ribbon-cutting.
  • Presbyterians serving Presbyterians. When you work with CDC, the funds are provided by Presbyterian investors. When you repay your loan, you are helping to fund building and renovation projects for other Presbyterian Churches.
  • No application feees, closing costs or pre-payment penalties.

Whether you are just beginning to see God's plan for your church's future taking shape, or you are have a project on the drawing board already, look to CDC for your loan. You can count on great rates, and outstanding service from fellow Presbyterians.

For more information about obtaining a loan, frequently asked questions about construction projects that you should consider as you plan your project, and a sample of recently completed projects funded by CDC loans, click on the links below.

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